Author: PJ Hughes

Spotting Fraudulent Emails and Online Scams

July 10, 2023

Would you be able to recognize an online scam if you saw one? Most of us would like to think that we could identify a fraudster in our inbox, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. The truth is that scammers are getting smarter. Every time a scam is exposed, a new, more sophisticated one […]

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Why Fiber Internet Is More Reliable in All Weather

June 7, 2023

Most people know that fiber internet is the fastest available. Its fiber optic technology transfers data at near-light speed, making streaming movies in 4K or sharing bandwidth with your family a breeze. But did you know fiber is also more reliable than other kinds of internet as well, especially in severe weather? Legacy internet connections […]

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Managing Your Child’s Screen Time

May 24, 2023

Five Tips for Managing Your Child’s Screen Time. It’s indisputable that the internet is a modern-day marvel of information, entertainment, economic empowerment, and global communication—for people of all ages! And at FASTnet, we’re proud that our advanced fiber network brings all of those benefits to our community and your family. That said, it’s not surprising […]

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Explaining Internet Speeds

May 18, 2023

Perhaps the most common question we hear from customers at FASTnet is: “what internet speed do I really need?” It’s actually an excellent question, and the answer can depend on a number of factors—from the number of people in the home and the number of devices regularly used at once to the types of online […]

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The Summer Slowdown

May 1, 2023

Preparing Your Home Internet for Increased Demand Accompanying Social Post: Prepare your home internet for a household full of devices and say goodbye to taking turns on the internet this summer. The summer television viewing season isn’t what it used to be. Once known for endless reruns and launches of shows that studios deemed less […]

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Bandwidth Hogs Slows Internet (Unless You Have Fiber)

April 4, 2023

Many internet users experience a sluggish connection even with “high-speed internet.” They’ve invested in a good Wi-Fi route…

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Creating a Portable Home Office

March 30, 2023

More Americans are working remotely than ever before. Indeed, some recent estimates indicate that nearly a quarter of all U.S. workers now work…

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What is the Affordable Connectivity Program?

March 27, 2023

Today’s internet is not just a source of near-endless entertainment options, email messages, and social media…

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Fiber vs. Cellular Internet

March 21, 2023

Consumers today face an abundance of choices for high-speed internet. And since you’re already paying…

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Connecting Your Devices

February 3, 2023

You’re probably bombarded by lots of advertising trying to persuade you to switch internet providers…

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