Family Fun: Virtual Activities and Creative Projects for Kids

Summer break is here, which means the kids are home, and the parents—maybe you reading this—are looking for ways to keep them entertained, engaged, and learning. To help you get started, the FASTnet team has created a list of activities for your child’s entertainment. From exploring museums and zoos to channeling their inner artists, scientists, and chefs, these digital adventures will spark your kids’ curiosity and creativity all summer long.

World Explorers

Virtual museum and zoo tours let your little ones discover new cultures, get up close with exotic animals, and experience places they may not visit in person. Plus, you can make it an interactive journey by asking questions, creating artwork inspired by what they see, or arranging a quiz to test their new knowledge.

Some incredible tours to check out:

In addition to observing the exhibits, these virtual tours present great opportunities for kids to discuss what they learned. For museum tours, talk about the historical context, artistic techniques, and cultural significance of the artifacts and artworks. For zoos, discuss the animals’ diets, physical characteristics, preferred environments, and behaviors.

DIY Crafts and Art Projects

Unleash your child’s creativity this summer with fun DIY crafts and art projects using common household items. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Paper Plate Suns
– Materials: paper plates, yellow paint, tissue paper, glue, scissors
– Paint the paper plate yellow and let dry. Cut strips of orange and red tissue paper to make the sun’s rays. Glue the rays onto the paper plate. Add a happy face to complete your summer sun craft!

Rainbow Sponge Painting
– Materials: acrylic paint, paper, sponges
– Gather the colors you need to paint a rainbow. On one side of the sponge, add a little dollop of each color, side by side. Give the sponge to the child and tell them to slide it (paint side down) from one side of the paper to the other.

The options for kid-friendly crafts are virtually limitless online. With a quick search of your own, you’re sure to find inspiration and tutorials for arts and crafts projects that fit your child’s interests and use common household materials you already have on hand. 

Art Projects

With some basic art supplies and a little imagination, your kids can make fridge-worthy masterpieces (and develop their artistic skills).

There are many kid-friendly art lessons available online that provide step-by-step virtual instruction. Sites like Creativebug and ArtistsNetwork have video tutorials teaching skills like painting, drawing, sculpture, and more. Choose a project that aligns with your child’s interests—maybe they’d like acrylic painting or creating mixed-media collages.

Virtual Cooking Classes

Getting your kids involved in the kitchen is a great way to spend quality time together while building valuable life skills. With supervision, cooking can help children develop coordination, math skills, and an appreciation for healthy foods.

During the summer months, virtual cooking classes are a fun way for kids to learn new recipes and kitchen techniques. Sites like PBS Kids Recipes have free cooking lesson videos and recipes designed just for kids.

Rather take a DIY approach? Go for it! When choosing recipes for virtual cooking sessions, opt for dishes that are simple, hands-on, and fun. Bake cakes or cookies and let kids decorate. Make individual pizzas or DIY tacos with lots of topping options. Set up a smoothie bar with fresh fruits and juices. Easy no-bake treats are also great introductory projects.

Here are some kid-friendly recipe ideas perfect for virtual cooking together:

– Decorated sugar cookies
– Personal pizzas
– Fruit smoothies
– No-bake granola bars
– DIY trail mix
– Mini muffins
– Quesadillas
– Fruit kabobs

When cooking with kids, be sure to follow basic kitchen safety guidelines. Keep appliances unplugged until ready to use, assign a grown-up helper for any recipe steps involving heat, and wash hands before and after touching food. With preparation and supervision, cooking classes can be fun, safe, and enriching for kids.

Virtual Science Experiments

Science experiments allow kids to engage with concepts hands-on and interactively. Many simple yet educational science experiments can easily be done at home using common household items. Here are some fun ideas:

Vinegar and Baking Soda Volcano

A school science project classic! Mix vinegar and baking soda in a plastic bottle to create an erupting volcano. Kids will love watching the fizzing chemical reaction. Adult supervision is recommended.

Egg Drop Challenge

Give kids supplies like rubber bands, tape, cotton balls, and paper, and encourage them to build a structure that will protect an egg from cracking when dropped. Test different designs and see which works best. Be warned: this one will get a bit messy!

Magnifying Glass Sun Print

Place objects like leaves or flowers under a blank piece of paper. Let kids use a magnifying glass to focus sunlight onto the paper for a few minutes, then see the silhouette of the objects appear!

Goodbye, Summer Boredom!

With a bit of virtual guidance and a well-supplied craft station, your kids will have everything they need to learn, play, create, and explore all summer long. From your friends at FASTnet, have a wonderful summer!