Guests and Gifts: 5 Tips to Prepare Your Wi-Fi Network for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again: hosting season. You’ve planned the food, beverages, games, and fun—but what about the Wi-Fi? With more devices than ever, your family holiday party might require more bandwidth than you think.

Picture this: 

The kids are out for winter break and are determined to spend it gaming, video calling, and texting with friends they won’t see for an agonizing two weeks. Relatives and in-laws have at least quadrupled the number of devices in your home, and they just seem to keep coming. Your cousin is in the kitchen with a special recipe pulled up on their phone, and it’s littered with glitchy video ads. Other family members are uploading festive pictures to social media, tracking the package for that last gift, and streaming classic holiday tunes throughout the house. Soon, gift unwrapping shall commence, and undoubtedly, a few techy presents will connect to your already outnumbered Wi-Fi network.

Sort of a chaotic picture, right? Let’s all take a breath for a moment.



Back to your Wi-Fi network.

At FASTnet, we want you to see something different in this scene. With the proper knowledge, you can help prepare your Wi-Fi for heavy holiday usage. From there, you can focus on the warm connection, thoughtful giving, and sweet memories that the holiday season is all about. Let’s dive into five tips to prep your home Wi-Fi for the holiday festivities.

  1. Upgrade to Fiber

If you already benefit from lightning-fast, fiber internet as a FASTnet customer, congratulations! You can move to the next tip. If not, there’s no better time than the holidays to switch to speed that you, your family, and friends can all enjoy. Fiber is the fastest, most dependable internet in almost every situation, jumping leaps beyond dial-up and cable internet. If you haven’t gotten yourself a present this year (and you certainly should), consider the gift of reliable access to the people and things you hold closest. You can contact our customer service team at (800) 431-1544 any day of the work week.

  • Show Off Your Router at the Party

While hiding your router behind the Christmas tree may be more aesthetic, you’ll get the strongest signal if it’s out and about. Ideally, your router should sit in a centralized, unobstructed location within your home. Wi-Fi signals spread equally in all directions; the more walls, shelves, and furniture your signal has to travel through, the weaker it becomes. Keep your router in an open space and as high as possible to maximize your signal as best you can.

  • Don’t Decorate Your Router (We Know, It’s a Hard Ask)

We try to keep your router looking sleek and sophisticated, but admittedly, it might not match your holiday décor. Nevertheless, we encourage you not to dress up your router with tinsel or twinkling lights. Wi-Fi is prone to signal interference, and the electromagnetic radiation of holiday lights and foil in decorative tinsel can send those signals bouncing in all different directions, thus limiting your Wi-Fi’s speed and range. So, leave that router in its daily attire; your guests will be thankful for the extra signal strength.

  • Control Guest Access

You can do so much more with Wi-Fi besides changing your password. Here are a few examples:

  • Create guest passwords so no one has lingering access to your network after a period that you set.
  • Allow access only to specific devices (such as your smart TV, but not your remote work setup).
  • Set usage limitations or bedtimes for younger guests for when you want device-free family time or when Santa is on his way.

FASTnet has enabled all of this and more through a unique service called Smart Home Wi-Fi. With Smart Home Wi-Fi, you can access more controls than ever, see your Wi-Fi usage in real time, guard your signal against threats, etc. If you’d like to explore the benefits of Smart Home Wi-Fi or get started today, visit or contact your FASTnet team today.

  • Pick Up the Speed

With all the new tech entering your home, this increased Wi-Fi usage might not be seasonal. Each new device adds more load to your network, and the last thing you need is to have all this technology and no way to access it properly. Whether you need a faster speed package or optimized signal with Smart Home Wi-Fi, consider upgrading your network to suit your needs. Our associates are happy to help you find a solution that fits your unique situation, home layout, and Wi-Fi goals. Our service representatives work Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You can reach us at (800) 431-1544.

From wherever you’re hosting this holiday season, we hope these tips have better prepared you for the fun, love, and craziness to come. With a bit of preparation and new knowledge, you’re ready to take on the family gatherings with a renewed spirit and plenty of bandwidth (both literal and metaphorical). From all of us at the FASTnet team, we wish you happy holidays.