Parental Controls: Navigating Kids’ Online World with Smart Home Wi-Fi

Balancing Connectivity and Safety with Children’s Devices

With new tech entering our homes all the time (especially after the holiday season), now is the perfect time to take the reins on your Wi-Fi network. Enter the Smart Home Wi-Fi app, your new best friend in understanding and managing your young one’s Wi-Fi usage.

This app isn’t just about controlling internet access, though; it’s a tool designed to foster a safe and enriching online experience. This guide showcases how Smart Home Wi-Fi empowers you to navigate, regulate, and safeguard your home network through it all.

Let’s dive into the key benefits of Smart Home Wi-Fi for parents, grandparents, and guardians of little ones with big technology.

Creating Profiles

Chances are, your child has their own tablet, gaming console, or smartphone already—maybe all three! Smart Home Wi-Fi allows you to assign profiles to each household member and their specific devices. Once complete, you can view individual device usage, discover when your kids are active online, and find out what devices are hogging the bandwidth (hint: if your child plays live video games while streaming YouTube videos, you’ve probably found the culprit!).

Now, onto how to harness these profiles for good.

Setting Boundaries: Internet Freezes

Bedtime negotiations with young ones get a little simpler with controlled internet access. Smart Home Wi-Fi allows you to pause internet use on specific devices or across entire profiles. You can also set recurring weekday or weekend bedtimes so your children know when to wind down. This is especially handy for helping younger children foster healthy sleep routines amid the allure of the new gadgets they’ve just opened.

Are devices putting a damper on your family time? Internet freezes are also great for helping device-free family activities go uninterrupted. With the ability to switch off that video or online game, your cookie bake-off and family dinner have never felt so peaceful.

But what if you’d like to control what your children can access online, too? We’ve got you covered.

Filtering Content

The online world is vast and, unfortunately, not always age-appropriate. Smart Home Wi-Fi’s app contains adjustable content filters based on age and grade levels, shielding young viewers from potentially harmful or inappropriate content. With the push of a button, Smart Home Wi-Fi enables safer online exploration for your child—and peace of mind for you.

Similarly, Smart Home Wi-Fi protects your devices against malicious activity, even if the website content doesn’t raise red flags.

Protecting Devices

We may not think about it much in rural settings, but device protection has become vital from wherever we live, work, and play. Smart Home Wi-Fi has an important feature that acts as a shield for your family’s smart devices. Leveraging machine learning, Smart Home Wi-Fi defends against phishing, malware, and ransomware. Even better, this always-on system can automatically quarantine a device experiencing a suspicious incident, so threats don’t spread to other devices. This helps ensure a safe digital experience for children exploring the world through their online devices.

These are just a few of the great benefits of Smart Home Wi-Fi. Now, how do you get started?

Taking Control of Your Network

As more and more technology settles into our homes, Smart Home Wi-Fi is a fantastic tool for navigating your child’s digital realm. This user-friendly app empowers parental control year-round, allowing you the insight to keep your family’s screen time safe and healthy.

Best of all, Smart Home Wi-Fi installation is quick and simple. Getting started only takes a quick call to the FASTnet customer service team. Once your subscription is confirmed, you just need to install the app and follow the simple instructions to set up your preferences.

To embark on this journey or explore more about Smart Home Wi-Fi, connect with the FASTnet team today at (800) 431-1544. We’re here to help in any way we can.