Smart Home WiFi

Get even more from your fast, reliable fiber internet with our powerful, easy-to-use smart home system!

FASTnet Smart Home WiFi

Works along with your router to distribute your fast fiber internet connection evenly across your home. It constantly adapts to how you use your WiFi and the app offers advanced control over your network.



Highly-flexible hardware pieces that plug into home outlets to power the core of our smart home systems. Super Pods help maximize your bandwidth and your wireless range.

Customize User Profiles

Create a profile for each family member and assign their devices.

Set up planned internet breaks & freezes.

Create guest passwords in a breeze for visitors or shared spaces.

Content Controls

Control which content each user can access with filter options like:

  • No Adult Content
  • Teenager Friendly
  • Kid Appropriate
  • Block Specific Sites

Always-on Digital Security

The Guard feature works 24/7 to protect every linked device from cyber threats like malware, spyware, and ransomware

Enjoy an ad-free online experience with automatic adblocking from known ad servers.

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