The Effects of Weather on FASTnet Internet

When wild weather strikes, your internet connection may be temporarily disturbed. But at FASTnet, we’ve fortified our 100% fiber network with robust weather defenses to help minimize disruptions as much as possible.

The Realities of Inclement Weather

Let’s face it—internet connectivity relies on an intricate system that’s exposed to the elements in many ways. From torrential downpours to scorching heat waves, unruly conditions can wreak havoc:

· Extreme temperatures can cause cables to expand, contract, or break

· High winds and debris can damage above-ground infrastructure

Any one of these can lead to internet outages when you least expect it. While no provider can guarantee 100% uptime during major weather events, FASTnet has proactive strategies in place.

Our Multi-Layered Approach to Resilience

We’ve armed our fiber network with intelligent design and robust defenses to keep you as connected as possible:

· ADSS Cable – Our fiber lines utilize ultra-resilient ADSS (All-Dielectric Self-Supporting) cable designed to withstand harsh conditions like high winds, ice loads, and wide temperature fluctuations.

· Routine Maintenance – Our teams regularly inspect the FASTnet network to identify and repair vulnerabilities before they can become outages.

· Redundant Connectivity – FASTnet’s fiber network is designed with redundant connections and automatic rerouting, which helps ensure reliable uptime if a path is disrupted.

With fiber’s resilience and our multi-layered approach, FASTnet works hard to maintain steady connections through most bouts of severe weather.

Minimal Downtime is the Goal

While disruptions may occur during severe storms or events, FASTnet’s fiber network is engineered to get you back online quickly. Our team of customer service representatives works seven days a week, allowing us to respond quickly and efficiently to disruptions.

So, when wild weather strikes, rest assured we’re working hard to keep your high-speed internet up and running reliably. And if you’re not signed up for our internet service already, we’d love to show you just how great the experience can be. Experience FASTnet’s resilient fiber today.