The Local GIG – March 2022

If your air fryer is still in the box, you’ll want to keep reading. We’ve got healthy air fryer recipes to get you started on this latest cooking trend. And while you’re waiting on that meal to finish, you can organize your Google Chrome tabs with a fun organizational tool.

Plus, there’s an app to help you and your spouse talk about money and a few gadgets to make your home gym even better.

Enjoy More Streaming

Music, Movies, and Television

March means Madness! If you’ve cut the cable cord, you may be wondering how you can stream the NCAA basketball tournament this year. Here’s a complete list of which channels will carry the games and the streaming platforms you can use to catch all of the action. 

Dreaming of spring and warm days by the beach? This ambiance will hold you over until warmer days. Enjoy the scenes of a campfire, string lights, and the sun setting over the ocean. 

Looking for a new binge-worthy podcast? Here’s a list of shows you should be listening to right now.

Enjoy More Health

If you want to take your at-home workouts to the next level, check out this list of gadgets that can help. From budget finds to premium equipment, it has something for everyone. 

So you received an air fryer for Christmas. It’s been three months and you haven’t even opened the box. The popular cooking devices have been a hot trend, but learning what to make can be a little intimidating. In this video, you’ll learn a few healthy recipes that you can easily make in your new air fryer. 

Exercise, Nutrition, and Tools That Make It Easier

Enjoy More Finance

Too many tabs to count? Toby is a Chrome extension that helps you organize your tabs by project, category, or task. Your computer (and your brain!) will thank you. 

Keep your home office cords organized with a power tower. This one on Amazon has a 6.5ft retractable cord, surge protection, and can help you organize all your plug-ins and charges in a unique way. 

Many couples dread the money talk, but Zeta has created an app with relationships and families in mind. Interactive quizzes, challenges, and financial tracking are designed to help couples understand how their partner thinks about money so they can work towards goals together. 

Budget, Retirement Planning, and Working from Home

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