The Local GIG – September 2021

Looking to try something new this fall? Stream a new show, start a new hobby, or launch a new career with the resources in this month’s FASTnet subscriber newsletter the Local Gig.

As the weather cools, save this newsletter to help you start something new—whether it’s a new instrument, a new career, or simply a new TV show! And, as usual, we’ve also rounded up plenty of other fun resources to help you enjoy more of your internet connection.

Enjoy More Streaming

Music, Movies, and Television

Even fictional movies can hold our attention, move us to tears, and teach us something new. But when the on-screen drama represents a true story, we just get invested on a deeper level. Stream one of these movies based on true stories on your next movie night to experience some of the most gripping stories in history.

There’s nothing wrong with rewatching your favorite shows again and again, but if you’re ready for something new, check out this roundup of the ten best TV shows of 2021

If you’ve always wanted to learn a new instrument, the Internet can help. Start streaming, learning, and playing with this list of the best music theory lessons and apps from around the web.

Enjoy More Good News

Nothing beats Amazon when it comes to the convenience of in-app shopping and two-day shipping. But if you’re looking to slow down and make more intentional purchases, try shopping one of these more sustainable marketplaces the next time you’re ready to load up an online cart.

Lance Corporal William Swift never made it home from World War I. But thanks to a viral Facebook post, his letters finally did—over 100 years later. Check out this heartwarming story to hear how social media ended the long search for the soldier’s relatives in just a few hours.

Inspiring Stories, Funny Videos, and “Good-to-Know” Advice

Struggling to find a book that can hold your attention? The StoryGraph helps you track your reading and uses AI to suggest books based on your mood and favorite topics. If you’re already a Goodreads bookworm, you can easily upload your list from that platform to get personalized recommendations right away.

Enjoy More of Finance

When it comes to notetaking, do you prefer the convenience of handwritten notes or the easy organization of digital files?

With reMarkable, you don’t have to choose! Just write on the next-gen tablet (it looks and feels like paper!), and rest assured that your scribbled ideas are safely stored for when you need them again. 

If you’re feeling stuck in your career, a new skill can be just the thing to take you to the next level—or even help you pivot to a new career altogether! With the LinkedIn Learning channel, you can explore new skills for free, then click through to paid courses for a deeper dive when you’re ready.

Part of the freedom that working from home provides is the ability to move around and work wherever you’re most comfortable, whether that’s a desk chair, the couch, or even your bed. Hey, we’re not here to judge! With this rolling laptop desk (and our FASTnet whole home package), you can work throughout your home with ease.

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