Uplifting Our Communities

4-County’s Impactful Contributions Through Its Foundation, FASTnet, and More

You may have heard our mission statement before:

“We are a member-owned electric power association committed to improving the quality of life for all those we touch.”

What you may not know is how seriously we take that commitment. In every facet of 4-County’s operations—from our electric utility to the 4-County Foundation to our internet subsidiary, FASTnet—community empowerment is our commitment. Today, we’re reflecting on these efforts and celebrating all we have accomplished together.

Let’s start with the 4-County Foundation, where our membership’s generosity has helped us serve thousands.

4-County Foundation

The 4-County Foundation channels funds towards initiatives that enrich our communities. This funding comes from our “roundup” program, where participating electric members’ accounts are rounded up to the nearest dollar each month. With over 90% of 4-County members opting in, we’ve raised $2.18 million since 2015. To date, $2.027 million of those funds have been distributed.

Here’s a quick highlight of recent 4-County Foundation contributions:

  • Chickasaw County Emergency Services: $5,500 for vital first responder supplies
  • Noxubee County Friends of the Library: $7,500 to support summer reading programs
  • Starkville’s Junior Auxiliary: $8,000 supporting local food pantry efforts
  • Fostering Faith: $3,313 empowering local youth initiatives
  • Lowndes County District 1 Volunteer Fire Department: $4,688 for firefighting equipment
  • Children’s Advocacy Centers of Mississippi: $6,000 for a child abuse awareness campaign
  • Choctaw County Bywy Volunteer Fire Department: $9,201 to purchase a crucial generator

We believe community development starts with our children, so, of course, our school systems remain a top donation recipient. The foundation recently granted $8,490 to East Side Elementary School in West Point to purchase two Promethean Panels. The pre-K through kindergarten school plans to use these digital whiteboards to facilitate more engaging classroom learning, including reading, math, science, social studies, and virtual field trips.

Now, onto the work through our internet service, FASTnet.

FASTnet Sponsorships

At its core, FASTnet was created to fulfill a need in our membership— providing fast, reliable, affordable internet where there was none. But its value doesn’t end there. As a subsidiary of 4-County since 2020, FASTnet has regularly contributed to our community’s development. More than $50,000 has gone toward various events, from supporting school sports to local festivals.

To date, FASTnet has supported or sponsored:

  • 15 festivals, events, and parades
  • 21 schools through sports, donations, and clubs

We see FASTnet as a tremendous opportunity—and responsibility—to give back to our community. We’ll continue to show support in every way we can.

And finally, in addition to groups and organizations, it is important for us to support the individual members of our community. Enter the Home UpLift Program, where we can do just that.

TVA x 4-County: Home Uplift Program

Energy efficiency is crucial to creating resilient communities. That’s why we partner with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to offer the Home Uplift Program to our members, providing free energy-efficient upgrades to eligible households.

This program provides recipients with an average of $10,000 in free home energy upgrades, including HVAC repair/replacement, insulation, and weatherization.

From our friends at the TVA, the Home Uplift Program provides the following benefits:

  • Saves participants an average of $500 per year
  • Reduces overall home energy use by 25 percent
  • Lowers the risk of illness and missed work/school days.

Furthermore, our collaboration with TVA extends to area schools through the School Uplift Program, fostering energy efficiency education and infrastructure improvements. By empowering schools to implement sustainable practices, we help spread their limited resources further and, as a bonus, instill habits of conservation and responsibility in the next generation.

A Path Towards a Brighter Tomorrow

Brian Clark, our CEO and General Manager of 4-County, put it best: “Our commitment to community development is unwavering. As we look towards the future, 4-County is dedicated to building upon our legacy of service and compassion, shaping a brighter tomorrow for all.”

4-County will continue to empower every community member to live a happier, healthier life. To our members, internet subscribers, and all those who do the great work behind these inspiring initiatives, thank you. We’re honored to play a role in your daily lives, from electricity to programs to help us all grow.